Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 11: Dogs
Dante and Rio come across destiny and information; Holly and Phillya get in danger

The power duo, joined by the gypsies, fight and finish defeating the second banshee. Nikolai, the group’s leader (although not the wisest or oldest in the group) hurries up to meet Phillya’s dog who seemed to be dying, not strong enough to survive two powerful sonic attacks from the banshees. The caring vistana pets and caresses the stray dog as he receives a “message” from the animal. There are silence and mourning for losing a different and special group member.

Phillya and Holly manage to escape from Azrael’s clutches but split up: Tessara goes to meet the brave Lady Speaker Ieree Myrindan and Mr. Galvan along with Phillya in mouse shape. Holly goes out wandering trying to see what is going around in town until he sees a leaning building about to fall down. His curiosity leads him to ignore what happens back when Tessara goes out to find him to speak with the city’s authorities.

Azrael Dak , “the sorrow of Sithicus” sneaks upon Tessara and mocks her for not being able to hide well, while celebrating how the authorities were lying to him too and effectively hiding the heroes he was looking for. He grabs Tessara and the sorcerer realizes the dwarf now looks badger-like and more monstrous, coming back to town digging a ground tunnel catching her from the back. The group tries to escape by climbing the roof of the nearest house, which Azrael is able to climb fast enough too, and Phillya tries a spell for the first time on the dwarf.

Season 3 Episode 10: Who They Are
Both groups meet new people in order to clarify what is going on in Sithicus

Rio, Dante and Van Taylor skulked behind the second banshee, who led them uphill and whom they had to hide from in order to leave the area. Apparently, the banshee was looking for some people. Dante and Van Taylor were nervous for having Phillya’s dog with them. Suddenly, they were ambushed by a group of gypsies, who tried to extort them to lead them out of the area by paying a considerable sum, which would be their only option to prevent them from calling the banshee’s attention.

The shadow of a mysterious dwarf appeared hiding behind the bushes and convinced them by whispering about not giving them any money. The hesitation and words exchanged led the group to lose track of the banshee and also make the gypsies call the undead woman’s attention. Lucky for the heroes, the banshee was first contained by another group of gypsies Alexei‘s, who now travel with Torgar. While climbing the final portion of the road, Dante decided to save Hristos’ life from a banshee attack and discovered how his sword works when defending others.

Holly felt confident enough to guide Phillya and Tessara with his talon shoes and their mysterious properties. After several days and moments of uncertainty and doubt, they reached the town of Hroth and went straight away to meet Tessara’s protector, Mr. Galvan.

The former warrior was happy to see Tessa but disproved the group’s plan for assaulting Har-Thelen, although he looked surprised when they told him that the wild elves’ leader was a friend and looking for help. All of a sudden one of Tessa’s friends woke the town up because the dwarf Azrael was coming to town, looking for Lady Speaker Myrindan.

In reality, Azrael knew of the heroes’ presence in town and was coming after them, suspecting the regent was keeping them hidden.

Season 3 Episode 9: Cornered
Phillya, Holly and Tessara escape from tainted elves. Dante, Rio and Van Taylor barely survive

Completely lost in the Sithican woods South of Har-Thelen, Dante, Rio and Van Taylor feel homesick and frustrated. Eventually, Phillya’s dog leads them to old elven ruins where they find some potions and copies of old diaries relating diverse stories. However, such discoveries are cut cold when a strange woman claiming to guard the Black Rose’s legacy appears, shouting a powerful energy blast that leaves them sickened and frightened.

The accursed banshee taunts them constantly, and only Dante’s holy efforts saves them from a certain death. Van Taylor cannot withstand the undead creature’s cold attacks and her fearsome supernatural abilities even makes Rio flee in fear, first time in months or even years. Her last words live up to her frightful presence: Sithicus IS darkness.

Holly, Phillya and Tessara are cornered against the southern mists near the Mistop Mountains. At least one fourth of the wild elves tribe has now turned as a possessed entity by the shadow and only a few young elves and druids remain, including chieftain Teram Elliari. He instructs Phillya during his trip to find support from the wood elves in Hroth and save herself, for she’s carrying true hope for her people.

Phillya sequences a few spells up to shielding the remaining elves from being attacked (or attacking themselves) and, in a crucial moment, decide to walk the fine line between sentient darkness and the infamous mists. Phillya turns into a bird again and Holly helps Tessa leave the area.

Season 3 Episode 8: Their Eyes

Holly, Phyllia and wake up in treatment at a wild elf camp. Their lifestyle is archaic and primitive, but enough to treat their poison well. Their leader takes them to a high rock seat and talks to them about their belief in trinities; about a trinity of moons called Solinari, Nuitari and Lunitari and how they were brought there for three different reasons.

Holly was a brought there because “someone” requested him. In appearance, the wild-elf children brought him as a continuation on their dragon fantasy stories, somewhat related to the Lady with the Dragon Helmet, which all of them wore. Their leader explained that the dragon means the might and fantasy the world should live by.
Phyllia was brought there of her own accord: learning from the wild elves was one of her wishes and it was them who guided her through prayer when she was lost with her friends and only a small Vistani coach appeared to save them. However, she was told by the elf leader that she was carrying inside a seed from Tuvringer and it would help her save the woods but never find out the answers she was looking for.
The elves said they had failed in bringing someone THEY wanted: someone who could tell them why Nuitari had changed its color and appeared more transparent and stained. They fear such thing may represent unleashed evil or unrestrained magic in Sithicus.

Dante, Rio and Van Taylor tried to find their friends but got no clues, only supposed the wild elves had something to do with it. Willing to rescue everything so that they wouldn’t lose any more party members, they opted not to return to Kartakass by themselves, but to send a note to Ludovica in Harmonia, explaining the situation so she and her uncle may prepare and send the Melkebrau barrels (after brokering a deal for their official release the day before).

Season 3 Episode 7: Wild Elves
Wild elves attack Har-Thelen

Azrael Dak hadn’t returned. The Tuvringians were aware of something fishy caused by the animal’s stampede, but none saw the army of Wild Elves coming from the South Gate.

In the meantime, Dante saved an old human beggar from the stampede. The man was selling old, raggy books and only was able to offer the paladin a book of his choosing. Although Dante was reluctant at first, he found in the bag of books a copy of the Morninglord’s bible, written in Hroth.

All of a sudden, a great deal of wild elves jumped from Har-Thelen’s southern wall and started attacking and burning the population and houses, which some took time to catch fire. The few guards in the South Gate were no match for the quick and acrobatic elves, who conquered the terrain comprised between the first and second walls.

Dante, Van Taylor and Rio, unarmed, took on the elves one on one blocking the wall gate. Holly convinced the prison guards and then scared and intimidated some others who were keeping custody of the group’s weapons. Phillya used new and savage spells to climb the wall and cast ice stones upon the invaders. The mysterious human woman from the cell was also on the wall but didn’t pose a conscious threat to the elves and let them move, so they didn’t attack her at all.

After handing the group’s weapons, Holly left the wall gate and headed North, when he and Phillya were simultaneously attacked with poisonous darts which made them feel too weak to stand up or even remain conscious. All the guards from the Northern wall came to the southern one and helped fend off the elves, and the reappearance of Azrael Dak also finished it off.

The elves showed great hate for Dak but left after accomplishing one goal: taking Holly, Phillya and someone else captives.

Season 3 Episode 6: The Bane of Sithicus
In which William's companions meet Azrael Dak

“King” Azrael Dak met the Tuvringians in the North of Har-Thelen. The Politksvara, or the local police, told him about what happened and that they claimed not to be guilty of what had happened. Still, Van Taylor surrendered William, saying he was severely injured and needed immediate attention. All decided in whispers, Azrael ordered to kill William and seize the adventurers. However, Elio Ponzo, the Wailing Banshee’s owner asked for retribution after the damage their fight caused, and thus they were sent to jail.

While imprisoned, the group bargained with Lord Speaker Cyria Mathlund and fought hard to win her trust and get to an agreement, especially after Phillya’s heroics and Dante’s words. A wounded William was sent to the wall to take his army elsewhere, far from the city’s walls but he refused to grant Dante command of his troops. The Tuvringians befriended a woman whose beauty reminded them of the high elves but whose accent was sweetly familiar; also, a elven noble in prison suggested he had a great deal of resources and experience should they decided to count on him and include him in their plans for being released.

In a sensible moment, William asked Dante to give his apologies to the group, confessing he really tried to send a dangerous explosive device to his brother Joseph Svaroff in the Barbarian Lands of Tuvringer, a very likely reason for the The Incident and matching Hristos’ story closely. He even went further to insist Hristos deserved the biggest apology for what they have done, but didn’t develop his ideas.

Confusingly, one of the army’s leaders stepped in front of the group and mocked Dante and his friends, saying “they had it all coming” for what they did, and particularly for what they hadn’t told one another. He represented “someone” whose name is still unknown and their accent suggested they come from Tuvringer as well, albeit from foreign lands.

Rio and Van Taylor remained imprisoned to gain the Speaker’s trust and the rest went out to help the elven lady around, brokering a deal for a large number of Harmonian barrels of Melkebrau. In the meantime, several wild animals entered the northern gates of the city, alarming authorities and peasants and sending most of the army and Poliktsvara to fend off a possible reply from William’s army.

Finally, while preparing for the worst (that being Azrael Dak’s reaction to Cyria’s deal with the Tuvringian group) hundreds of wild elves jumped over the Southern Wall to attack armed and unarmed Har-Thelean citizens alike.

Season 3 Episode 5: Crossed (out) Fates
Has William's fate been decided?

Hristos didn’t dare to kill William Svaroff without his former group’s acceptance or understanding. However, Torgar pretended to be on the group’s side trying to calm Hristos down only to deliver the finishing blow himself.

The young men who were drinking at the Wailing Banshee ran away scared, allowing William’s guards to realise what was going on. In less than a minute, Hristos threw a dagger preventing one of the guards from blowing their horn; Van Taylor threw himself onto William’s body, trying desperately to save his life; Hristos helped Holly realise that the other guard was a barbarian, a very fast one and had to be stopped and only he could do it.

The group fought the rest of William’s guards bravely, including one of his lieutenants; Phillya’s wild magic stopped the gigantic man and Rio delivered the killing blow. Holly pursued the barbarian from the rooftops of Har-Thelen until they came across with one of the city’s patrol guards and he was finally subdued. The noise and occasional passerby had alarmed the guards and they were coming to the Banshee’s to see what was going on.

Holly surrendered to the guards explaining the situation. Van Taylor came in later, explaining that they had a friend severely injured and their fight was justified. The rest of the group arrived trying to avoid confrontation and find help for their dying companion. In the final minutes, the guards let the region’s self-proclaimed King, Azrael Dak appear and hear what they had to say.

Season 3 Episode 3: Gypsy in Danger
A shadowy storm separates a gathering of Vistani in the wake of a dreadful scene

The wagon of last week’s Vistani family stops to help a group of other Vistani who aren’t able to continue their journey due to a lack of tools and wagon parts. A third wagon appears in scene…

Session 3 Episode 1: The Guilt of Sithicus
The new land of Sithicus

The group finds themselves lost and cold in the beautiful woods of Sithicus. The are pools of fetid waters, moss, mushrooms and algae. The trees bleed a wine-like type of savia when cut. Suddenly, the silence is lost when the lamentations of a woman are cried out in the green-and-violet infinite of the forest. It is a gypsy woman, Vladlena banished from her tribe for opposing her superiors and cursing it all on a devilish woman, “Inza”

Season 2, Episode 4: Beast Heads
The tension between the werewolves and the heroes increases

Some people in Skald went missing and one morning, somebody brought what was gathered in wagons and entered the city as usual. However, someone dropped the contents and amongst some potatoes a dozen of severed heads came down rolling much to the town’s desperation and surprise. Meistersinger Marcone and the guard’s leaders aprehended the man and caused the stir to incite the town to get together and fight the nearing enemy.

When the group and town thought it would be the most likely, everyone got ready to fight against the horde of werewolves coming to town. Adolfo’s predictions were accurate and the group of beasts came into town as expected, and the group valiantly fought the monsters to death, with Meistersinger Lucca delivering the final blow. Everyone was happy.

After some preparations and lots of praise, the group got ready to leave Skald with the gratitude of the town’s leaders and the city’s affection. However, that wouldn’t be the end of this matter. When the group reached Harmonia, by walking the Road to Harmony, they were poorly received by the city guards. Dante and Van Taylor confirmed they were friends with William Svaroff who by then had recently butchered many Harmonians and caused endless grief in the peaceful town.

The group decided to surrender their weapons and enter the town voluntarily as the guards were demanding, and before the town’s Meistersinger came in, they met up with a familiar figure.


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