Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 5: Crossed (out) Fates

Has William's fate been decided?

Hristos didn’t dare to kill William Svaroff without his former group’s acceptance or understanding. However, Torgar pretended to be on the group’s side trying to calm Hristos down only to deliver the finishing blow himself.

The young men who were drinking at the Wailing Banshee ran away scared, allowing William’s guards to realise what was going on. In less than a minute, Hristos threw a dagger preventing one of the guards from blowing their horn; Van Taylor threw himself onto William’s body, trying desperately to save his life; Hristos helped Holly realise that the other guard was a barbarian, a very fast one and had to be stopped and only he could do it.

The group fought the rest of William’s guards bravely, including one of his lieutenants; Phillya’s wild magic stopped the gigantic man and Rio delivered the killing blow. Holly pursued the barbarian from the rooftops of Har-Thelen until they came across with one of the city’s patrol guards and he was finally subdued. The noise and occasional passerby had alarmed the guards and they were coming to the Banshee’s to see what was going on.

Holly surrendered to the guards explaining the situation. Van Taylor came in later, explaining that they had a friend severely injured and their fight was justified. The rest of the group arrived trying to avoid confrontation and find help for their dying companion. In the final minutes, the guards let the region’s self-proclaimed King, Azrael Dak appear and hear what they had to say.



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