Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 2, Episode 4: Beast Heads

The tension between the werewolves and the heroes increases

Some people in Skald went missing and one morning, somebody brought what was gathered in wagons and entered the city as usual. However, someone dropped the contents and amongst some potatoes a dozen of severed heads came down rolling much to the town’s desperation and surprise. Meistersinger Marcone and the guard’s leaders aprehended the man and caused the stir to incite the town to get together and fight the nearing enemy.

When the group and town thought it would be the most likely, everyone got ready to fight against the horde of werewolves coming to town. Adolfo’s predictions were accurate and the group of beasts came into town as expected, and the group valiantly fought the monsters to death, with Meistersinger Lucca delivering the final blow. Everyone was happy.

After some preparations and lots of praise, the group got ready to leave Skald with the gratitude of the town’s leaders and the city’s affection. However, that wouldn’t be the end of this matter. When the group reached Harmonia, by walking the Road to Harmony, they were poorly received by the city guards. Dante and Van Taylor confirmed they were friends with William Svaroff who by then had recently butchered many Harmonians and caused endless grief in the peaceful town.

The group decided to surrender their weapons and enter the town voluntarily as the guards were demanding, and before the town’s Meistersinger came in, they met up with a familiar figure.



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