Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 11: Dogs

Dante and Rio come across destiny and information; Holly and Phillya get in danger

The power duo, joined by the gypsies, fight and finish defeating the second banshee. Nikolai, the group’s leader (although not the wisest or oldest in the group) hurries up to meet Phillya’s dog who seemed to be dying, not strong enough to survive two powerful sonic attacks from the banshees. The caring vistana pets and caresses the stray dog as he receives a “message” from the animal. There are silence and mourning for losing a different and special group member.

Phillya and Holly manage to escape from Azrael’s clutches but split up: Tessara goes to meet the brave Lady Speaker Ieree Myrindan and Mr. Galvan along with Phillya in mouse shape. Holly goes out wandering trying to see what is going around in town until he sees a leaning building about to fall down. His curiosity leads him to ignore what happens back when Tessara goes out to find him to speak with the city’s authorities.

Azrael Dak , “the sorrow of Sithicus” sneaks upon Tessara and mocks her for not being able to hide well, while celebrating how the authorities were lying to him too and effectively hiding the heroes he was looking for. He grabs Tessara and the sorcerer realizes the dwarf now looks badger-like and more monstrous, coming back to town digging a ground tunnel catching her from the back. The group tries to escape by climbing the roof of the nearest house, which Azrael is able to climb fast enough too, and Phillya tries a spell for the first time on the dwarf.



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