Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 6: The Bane of Sithicus

In which William's companions meet Azrael Dak

“King” Azrael Dak met the Tuvringians in the North of Har-Thelen. The Politksvara, or the local police, told him about what happened and that they claimed not to be guilty of what had happened. Still, Van Taylor surrendered William, saying he was severely injured and needed immediate attention. All decided in whispers, Azrael ordered to kill William and seize the adventurers. However, Elio Ponzo, the Wailing Banshee’s owner asked for retribution after the damage their fight caused, and thus they were sent to jail.

While imprisoned, the group bargained with Lord Speaker Cyria Mathlund and fought hard to win her trust and get to an agreement, especially after Phillya’s heroics and Dante’s words. A wounded William was sent to the wall to take his army elsewhere, far from the city’s walls but he refused to grant Dante command of his troops. The Tuvringians befriended a woman whose beauty reminded them of the high elves but whose accent was sweetly familiar; also, a elven noble in prison suggested he had a great deal of resources and experience should they decided to count on him and include him in their plans for being released.

In a sensible moment, William asked Dante to give his apologies to the group, confessing he really tried to send a dangerous explosive device to his brother Joseph Svaroff in the Barbarian Lands of Tuvringer, a very likely reason for the The Incident and matching Hristos’ story closely. He even went further to insist Hristos deserved the biggest apology for what they have done, but didn’t develop his ideas.

Confusingly, one of the army’s leaders stepped in front of the group and mocked Dante and his friends, saying “they had it all coming” for what they did, and particularly for what they hadn’t told one another. He represented “someone” whose name is still unknown and their accent suggested they come from Tuvringer as well, albeit from foreign lands.

Rio and Van Taylor remained imprisoned to gain the Speaker’s trust and the rest went out to help the elven lady around, brokering a deal for a large number of Harmonian barrels of Melkebrau. In the meantime, several wild animals entered the northern gates of the city, alarming authorities and peasants and sending most of the army and Poliktsvara to fend off a possible reply from William’s army.

Finally, while preparing for the worst (that being Azrael Dak’s reaction to Cyria’s deal with the Tuvringian group) hundreds of wild elves jumped over the Southern Wall to attack armed and unarmed Har-Thelean citizens alike.



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