Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 7: Wild Elves

Wild elves attack Har-Thelen

Azrael Dak hadn’t returned. The Tuvringians were aware of something fishy caused by the animal’s stampede, but none saw the army of Wild Elves coming from the South Gate.

In the meantime, Dante saved an old human beggar from the stampede. The man was selling old, raggy books and only was able to offer the paladin a book of his choosing. Although Dante was reluctant at first, he found in the bag of books a copy of the Morninglord’s bible, written in Hroth.

All of a sudden, a great deal of wild elves jumped from Har-Thelen’s southern wall and started attacking and burning the population and houses, which some took time to catch fire. The few guards in the South Gate were no match for the quick and acrobatic elves, who conquered the terrain comprised between the first and second walls.

Dante, Van Taylor and Rio, unarmed, took on the elves one on one blocking the wall gate. Holly convinced the prison guards and then scared and intimidated some others who were keeping custody of the group’s weapons. Phillya used new and savage spells to climb the wall and cast ice stones upon the invaders. The mysterious human woman from the cell was also on the wall but didn’t pose a conscious threat to the elves and let them move, so they didn’t attack her at all.

After handing the group’s weapons, Holly left the wall gate and headed North, when he and Phillya were simultaneously attacked with poisonous darts which made them feel too weak to stand up or even remain conscious. All the guards from the Northern wall came to the southern one and helped fend off the elves, and the reappearance of Azrael Dak also finished it off.

The elves showed great hate for Dak but left after accomplishing one goal: taking Holly, Phillya and someone else captives.



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