Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 8: Their Eyes

Holly, Phyllia and wake up in treatment at a wild elf camp. Their lifestyle is archaic and primitive, but enough to treat their poison well. Their leader takes them to a high rock seat and talks to them about their belief in trinities; about a trinity of moons called Solinari, Nuitari and Lunitari and how they were brought there for three different reasons.

Holly was a brought there because “someone” requested him. In appearance, the wild-elf children brought him as a continuation on their dragon fantasy stories, somewhat related to the Lady with the Dragon Helmet, which all of them wore. Their leader explained that the dragon means the might and fantasy the world should live by.
Phyllia was brought there of her own accord: learning from the wild elves was one of her wishes and it was them who guided her through prayer when she was lost with her friends and only a small Vistani coach appeared to save them. However, she was told by the elf leader that she was carrying inside a seed from Tuvringer and it would help her save the woods but never find out the answers she was looking for.
The elves said they had failed in bringing someone THEY wanted: someone who could tell them why Nuitari had changed its color and appeared more transparent and stained. They fear such thing may represent unleashed evil or unrestrained magic in Sithicus.

Dante, Rio and Van Taylor tried to find their friends but got no clues, only supposed the wild elves had something to do with it. Willing to rescue everything so that they wouldn’t lose any more party members, they opted not to return to Kartakass by themselves, but to send a note to Ludovica in Harmonia, explaining the situation so she and her uncle may prepare and send the Melkebrau barrels (after brokering a deal for their official release the day before).



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