Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 9: Cornered

Phillya, Holly and Tessara escape from tainted elves. Dante, Rio and Van Taylor barely survive

Completely lost in the Sithican woods South of Har-Thelen, Dante, Rio and Van Taylor feel homesick and frustrated. Eventually, Phillya’s dog leads them to old elven ruins where they find some potions and copies of old diaries relating diverse stories. However, such discoveries are cut cold when a strange woman claiming to guard the Black Rose’s legacy appears, shouting a powerful energy blast that leaves them sickened and frightened.

The accursed banshee taunts them constantly, and only Dante’s holy efforts saves them from a certain death. Van Taylor cannot withstand the undead creature’s cold attacks and her fearsome supernatural abilities even makes Rio flee in fear, first time in months or even years. Her last words live up to her frightful presence: Sithicus IS darkness.

Holly, Phillya and Tessara are cornered against the southern mists near the Mistop Mountains. At least one fourth of the wild elves tribe has now turned as a possessed entity by the shadow and only a few young elves and druids remain, including chieftain Teram Elliari. He instructs Phillya during his trip to find support from the wood elves in Hroth and save herself, for she’s carrying true hope for her people.

Phillya sequences a few spells up to shielding the remaining elves from being attacked (or attacking themselves) and, in a crucial moment, decide to walk the fine line between sentient darkness and the infamous mists. Phillya turns into a bird again and Holly helps Tessa leave the area.



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