Azrael Dak

Sithicus' Dwarven king


Stocky dwarf with dirty skin, a weird gait, with fancy but dirty military clothing.


“King” Azrael came into scene for the first time when the heroes had hunted one of William’s soldiers in town. As the Politskara asked Holly to surrender himself to the authorities, and the group asked for help in curing William of his fatal wounds, Dak showed his true personality.

The dwarf proved to be cruel, ironic and ruthless. He sent the group to jail and killed the then Lady Speaker for bargaining with the heroes for leaving their cells temporarily. He withheld the woman’s previous deal as it affected a businessman, the gnome Elio Ponzo and was convinced of the quality of Kartakass’ melkubrau.

The dwarf pretty much travels Sithicus exclusively by using his grotesque chariot, “adorned” with elven bones and teeth of his previous enemies. His “throne room” seems to be in Nedragaard Keep, but he rarely stays there, preferring to ensure his commands by visiting the cities and scaring the life out of the townsfolk.

Azrael Dak

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