Demetrius, Paladin of Pelor

A paladin found in Skald, who helped and guided Dante. Deceased.


He had an acolyte called Danielus.
He said he had come on a mission from his native land and had crashed in his boat in a strange land with mists. Although he was on a mission, he decided to stay in Skald for some days because he saw the problems of the people in Low Skald and was quickly favored by the authorities in the city of songs. He carried a magnificent sword of holy might, which he claimed did not belong to him, but to the people, as he first received it from a dying paladin who had sworn to defend the good people from evil.


After feeling lost, abandoned and a failure in the cause that took him to an unknown world and lose his apprentice to the werewolves of Vebrek; Demetrius ended up sacrifying his holiness (by desecrating the supposedly dead meistersinger’s tomb) in order to reveal Sgre. Marcone’s true colors to Skald and to enable Dante to face the regent in combat openly, with the help of his holy longsword.

Demetrius, Paladin of Pelor

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