Eliska Vokrona

Young meistersinger of Harmonia


A woman in her late 30’s; of short, blond hair and determined facial features. Her voice is deemed as one of the most beautiful, if not the best, in all Kartakass. Her passion, sweetness and conviction as a meistersinger has allowed her to remain in her position for over 10 years.


Was reluctant to let the group roam free due to their allegiance to William Svaroff, but was later convinced by Jonathan Ambrose Jr. to turn this opportunity against Lucca Marcone (Harkon Lukas).
After proving themselves harmless and useful to Kartakass, she became an ally to the party.
Dante was particularly interested in her, due to her youth and personality, which seemed apparently reciprocal when the paladin’s efforts were received warmly by the meistersinger.

Eliska Vokrona

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