Hristos Halkias

The magus Dante was holding captive inside the carriage when "it all" happened


A warrior in his early 30’s. Slender; with stylish, white hair.


A member of the group that accompanied William in the carriage. Known for his good taste in swords, which some claimed to have magical properties. Was friends with Torgar and Arkreuse.

  • According to Torgar and Arkreuse, he wanted to stop doing certain “jobs” he was hired for, and wanted real change for his life.
  • Was captured by Dante and held prisoner in the carriage right before The Incident
  • The gypsies in Sithicus refer to him as “Grey Heart” in an affectionate or, at least, respectable way. He seems to deserve their respect for unknown reasons.

Hristos disappeared the evening after the group was mysteriously released from imprisonment. Some citizens claimed having seen him thereafter, when the town was looking for suspects after the horrible massacre in the Great Hall of Song and Dance in Skald, capital of Kartakass. The gypsies the group found in the sewers claimed to have seen him jumping into the water, more exactly into the Musarde.

Hristos Halkias reappeared in disguise as a very old man, who only revealed his true form to hold William with a knife to his throat, asking the group to understand why he had to kill him and how the group would be free of guilt afterwards. The group clearly objected to it but Torgar stabbed William by feigning disapproval to Hristos’ antics.

Since such incident in Har-Thelen, Hristos and Torgar have been missing.

Hristos Halkias

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