Inza Magdova Kulchevich

Sithicus' rumored force of darkness


Nothing is known


The bruised gypsy woman Vladlena first mentions her full name when the party finds her in the Sithican woods, before they find themselves lost. According to the young lady, Inza is the real cause of all destruction and evil in the region, including her current fate.

Wild elf chieftain Teram Ellarei names her as responsible for Sithicus’ darkness and the fall of her own people. The conversation is then shifted towards the high elves’ greed and lack of responsibility.

Her role in The Black Rose‘s fortune is insinuated by a banshee under the dark knight’s service. The woman tells them that maybe the Black Rose won’t be able to cause their ruin but that “she” surely will.

Inza Magdova Kulchevich

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