Sgre. Axiel Ponte

Paranoid bard who mistrusts the people in town and Mr. Marcone


Long-haired man in his early thirties. Not groomed. Looks nervous and twitchy all the time. Doesn’t look menacing.


His songs and innuendo convinced the group that something wasn’t right in Skald, as soon as they got to the main plaza and started to listen to the performers. They’d eventually go to prison for trying to harm one of the city guards.

Sgre. Ponte disappeared when the group was mysteriously released from prison at night and along with Hristos Halkias. He was found again when several prisoners were released by Van Taylor and Dante, at the Old Kartakann Inn. Participated in the new Meistersinger contest and was one of the finalists.

Merchants from Kartakass confirm he became the new Meistersinger when the newly elected Sgre. Giaccio quit his post and couldn’t continue leading the capital.

Sgre. Axiel Ponte

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