William Patrick Svaroff

The dynasty's younger sibling


Considered brattish from the very beginning. Seems to be intolerant, determined and very cold.


William hired the group for transporting dangerous merchandises. His plans seem to have failed, whichever they might have been. William has found a way to stay in touch with a mysterious, bald servant in his kingdom, by means of a magical mirror which he holds safely.

His affiliation with the heroes ended in Skald when the group refused to let William use an army of about 500 men to intercede (threaten) the forces of the city to release them from prison. From that moment on, the youngest of the Svaroff claimed no debt or feud with the heroes, as they had not delivered his cargo neither had he accepted further protection from them.

According to the people in Harmonia, William’s army invaded the town and slaughtered some people for unknown reasons. After a couple of weeks, the group found William in Har-Thelen in Sithicus. He was drunk and muttering some words about failing and feeling sorry for the people he had killed.

After a brief but deadly confrontation with Hristos and Torgar, William ended up on the brink of death by the latter and was delivered to Azrael Dak‘s guards to be cured. However, the so-called King of the elves ordered his immediate execution which was to be done immediately hadn’t Elio Ponzo the gnome intervened to demand restitution for the damage in his tavern.

William was released by Lord Speaker Cyria Mathlund after dealing with the heroes, and refused to grant Dante command of his army, only to promise he wouldn’t bother them again. In confusing final words, William repeated he felt sorry for what he did and said Hristos deserved his biggest apology for “what they had done to him”.

William Patrick Svaroff

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