Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 1, Episode 6: Wolves and Howls
Something is wrong in the capital of Kartakass

The group lost two horses and barely managed to find the path of flowers leading to Skald. They heard they had crossed a section of woods near the Ambrose Compound and the Dead Hills (where they probably met The Gipsy Lady.

The beautiful exteriors of Skald were distracting and fascinating, but they weren’t capable of enjoying such charming views in their unhealthy condition. They entered Skald after hesitating much and were surprised for seeing such a beautiful city with colored houses, particular rooftops and cobblestone streets. A woman with a beautiful voice noticed the hunter looking at her and stopped singing and closed her bedchamber window.

While looking for a place to stay, the plaza held a competition of bards and one in particular, a nervous and flinching human caught the group’s attention. His songs and tunes weren’t destined to entertain but to warn the town about the Mistersinger’s true colors. When they understood what the bard’s innuendo was about, a group of city soldiers were up to catch the bard and send him to prison, or worse.

Surprising Rio and Dante, the rest of the group pulled their bows and arrows quickly, and started an attack on the city guards, which slowly outnumbered them. Not before killing one of them and being sent to prison for wielding weapons and attacking the local authority.

Season 1, Episode 5: Crashing Twice
Two different encounters related to caravans and horses

While traveling South, the group finds a crashed caravan of vistani horses and wagons. There were marks of blood and blackness everywhere which seemed to be pretty unnatural for a natural accident. The paladin slid down the slope to help a trapped gypsy old lady who was traumatized by the death of her ENTIRE group of companions. For some reason, they thought the young men accompanying her were her sons.

The woman stopped sobbing and speaking in her strange language when she noticed something strange in the group’s faces: she stared in awe, shocked, and touched their faces as if they had something unbelievable. They couldn’t tell what the woman was trying to say. However, the woman didn’t want to leave the men’s dead bodies, some of them were rescued by the group and let aside for her to mourn. But the woman vehemently refused to abandon them and leave somewhere safer. She stood there looking at them, as they left, in a moment that was strangely mysterious and unnatural.

While riding in the thicker Kartakann woods, the group was followed and ambushed by some deformed humanoid riders (what the setting would define as “Calibans”) and struggled to avoid them and outrun them. Hristos had trouble staying on his horse but Rio saved him. After a couple of hours they thought they managed to leave them behind. The group came across a trail of beautiful roses leading to a cascade: this would be the entrance to the town of Skald

Season 1, Episode 4: Sleep and Hunger
Strange people and Rio's mother

The group decided not too look further into The Master‘s projects and inventions, albeit they began to consider to end the The Homunculus’ life which they considered: “unnatural”. However, they also realized they didn’t have the right to take the life of anybody else so they let go of putting the Homunculus down.

A short trip let them to find an ugly thorp called Maccada and where the locals refused to disclose any information about the land, its regent or their current problems. The people seemed ill and dehydrated. There was a nearby pond which made Rio felt homesick for it reminded her of her hometown.

Since the group wasn’t able to find an inn to sleep in or simply to avoid the howling of wolves in the distance, they had to set their bedrolls on the muddy ground in a clear area. William’s paranoia proved to be reasonable, after some of the villagers came after them trying to eat them because they were extremely hungry. Their energies weren’t explainable anyway, even less after seeing how strong they were to fight them.

Dante and Rio led the group to a cottage separated by the nearby pond, and she seemed to see her mother in the water, calling for her. The group locked themselves up behind the doors of the abandoned cottage, even William having to fight or rather shove the folk aside so they could be safe. In the morning, the people woke up and walked back to their houses, forgetting what they had done and leaving the group alone.

Season 1, Episode 3: A Friend or Three
What happened in the mysterious cottage of the so-called "Master"

The cottage was surprisingly large for what it looked like from the outside. Everything was filled with alchemy and witchcraft tools and products, such an alchemic fire bottle which ignited blue flames. And, instead of a hostile reception, the The Homunculus received the group with hospitality, and even familiarity.

The homunculus helped the Tuvringians around, telling them where things were, with the exception of the Master, since the house’s owner left for something “big” and promised he’ll do well in the future. Most of the delays and hostilities happening in the place originated from the homunculus’ appearance, its limited intelligence and speech and his strangely fascinating amiability.

The cottage had more than one basement, one of such concealed under a hatch under the carpet. Knocking on the door there was Hristos Halkias who was asking for help to be able to come out. According to his story, he released himself from one of the master’s conservation chambers, filled with transparent green goo.

He was there to save Torgar, his dwarven friend whom he was tracking. The dwarf didn’t come in the original carriage but Halkias tracked him due to some personal connection and memories the two held dear. However, the story didn’t seem believable enough for the group, who restrained the former criminal on the promise that they would save his friend’s life.

Season 1, Episode 2: Howling Whereabouts
Battered and confused, the group tries to understand what is going on.

Rio and Dante start searching for further clues that may lead them to understand where they are and who caused the carriage to explode. The sailor insists they are supposed to pick up the pieces of masks and mirrors, as they seem to be related to the strange Gemini symbol blazing in blue.

However, the night doesn’t let them have a break, given that there’s a sudden howling of wolves who seemed to be approaching. Van Basten and Dante lead the run downhill, and the former wonders if anyone has seen the suspect, Hristos Halkias. Dante seems to be worried about it but opts to prioritize the group’s safety.

A hill of pine trees bathed in clean, white mist surrounds them in their escape. Their agitated faces start disappearing on the run, and their paranoia clicks in. After jogging it down and getting lost again in the process, Rio sees a cottage surrounded by a “fence” of rocks. In that moment a wolf pack catches up with the group and a violent, wild battle starts.

Rio and Dante lead the defense and even have the time to throw the wolves at their kin. However, their red eyes and bubbling mouths startled them before hiding in the mysterious cottage to spend the night. Everything is old and unpleasant: bottles filled with eyes and fingers, jars of fetid liquids and rotten, sticky books inhabited by ants.

A slimy, disgusting creature of disfigured limbs and features welcomes them, especially the priest. Forsaken by its master and the forgiveness of the gods, they are to spend a night at the cottage with The Homunculus

First Session

Also known as The Incident


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