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  • Harmonia

    Home to Meistersinger Eliska Vokrona and the modest, but confident people in the south of Kartakass. They pride themselves on their quality clubs and singing academies (Skald are their rivals in terms of singing ability and music reknown). Locales of …

  • Eliska Vokrona

    Was reluctant to let the group roam free due to their allegiance to William Svaroff, but was later convinced by [[:jonathan-ambrose-jr | Jonathan Ambrose Jr.]] to turn this opportunity against [[:harkonlukas | Lucca Marcone (Harkon Lukas)]]. After …

  • Elaine Clairn

    Found by Jonathan Ambrose and the Brotherhood at a young age. Developed magic powers as a sorceress. Her power and abilities are unknown. Contradicts her dad in saying they Vistani can read and predict the future, something her adoptive dad denies.