Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 1, Episode 3: A Friend or Three

What happened in the mysterious cottage of the so-called "Master"

The cottage was surprisingly large for what it looked like from the outside. Everything was filled with alchemy and witchcraft tools and products, such an alchemic fire bottle which ignited blue flames. And, instead of a hostile reception, the The Homunculus received the group with hospitality, and even familiarity.

The homunculus helped the Tuvringians around, telling them where things were, with the exception of the Master, since the house’s owner left for something “big” and promised he’ll do well in the future. Most of the delays and hostilities happening in the place originated from the homunculus’ appearance, its limited intelligence and speech and his strangely fascinating amiability.

The cottage had more than one basement, one of such concealed under a hatch under the carpet. Knocking on the door there was Hristos Halkias who was asking for help to be able to come out. According to his story, he released himself from one of the master’s conservation chambers, filled with transparent green goo.

He was there to save Torgar, his dwarven friend whom he was tracking. The dwarf didn’t come in the original carriage but Halkias tracked him due to some personal connection and memories the two held dear. However, the story didn’t seem believable enough for the group, who restrained the former criminal on the promise that they would save his friend’s life.



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