Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 1, Episode 4: Sleep and Hunger

Strange people and Rio's mother

The group decided not too look further into The Master‘s projects and inventions, albeit they began to consider to end the The Homunculus’ life which they considered: “unnatural”. However, they also realized they didn’t have the right to take the life of anybody else so they let go of putting the Homunculus down.

A short trip let them to find an ugly thorp called Maccada and where the locals refused to disclose any information about the land, its regent or their current problems. The people seemed ill and dehydrated. There was a nearby pond which made Rio felt homesick for it reminded her of her hometown.

Since the group wasn’t able to find an inn to sleep in or simply to avoid the howling of wolves in the distance, they had to set their bedrolls on the muddy ground in a clear area. William’s paranoia proved to be reasonable, after some of the villagers came after them trying to eat them because they were extremely hungry. Their energies weren’t explainable anyway, even less after seeing how strong they were to fight them.

Dante and Rio led the group to a cottage separated by the nearby pond, and she seemed to see her mother in the water, calling for her. The group locked themselves up behind the doors of the abandoned cottage, even William having to fight or rather shove the folk aside so they could be safe. In the morning, the people woke up and walked back to their houses, forgetting what they had done and leaving the group alone.



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