Ravenloft: Eulogy of Tomorrow

Season 3 Episode 10: Who They Are

Both groups meet new people in order to clarify what is going on in Sithicus

Rio, Dante and Van Taylor skulked behind the second banshee, who led them uphill and whom they had to hide from in order to leave the area. Apparently, the banshee was looking for some people. Dante and Van Taylor were nervous for having Phillya’s dog with them. Suddenly, they were ambushed by a group of gypsies, who tried to extort them to lead them out of the area by paying a considerable sum, which would be their only option to prevent them from calling the banshee’s attention.

The shadow of a mysterious dwarf appeared hiding behind the bushes and convinced them by whispering about not giving them any money. The hesitation and words exchanged led the group to lose track of the banshee and also make the gypsies call the undead woman’s attention. Lucky for the heroes, the banshee was first contained by another group of gypsies Alexei‘s, who now travel with Torgar. While climbing the final portion of the road, Dante decided to save Hristos’ life from a banshee attack and discovered how his sword works when defending others.

Holly felt confident enough to guide Phillya and Tessara with his talon shoes and their mysterious properties. After several days and moments of uncertainty and doubt, they reached the town of Hroth and went straight away to meet Tessara’s protector, Mr. Galvan.

The former warrior was happy to see Tessa but disproved the group’s plan for assaulting Har-Thelen, although he looked surprised when they told him that the wild elves’ leader was a friend and looking for help. All of a sudden one of Tessa’s friends woke the town up because the dwarf Azrael was coming to town, looking for Lady Speaker Myrindan.

In reality, Azrael knew of the heroes’ presence in town and was coming after them, suspecting the regent was keeping them hidden.



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